Your Last-Minute Checklist for Move-in Cleaning

Before you keep new things at your home, you should clean the home properly to remove all dirt and grime left by the previous owner of the house or debris that comes during construction. Before moving in, cleaning is always a good idea as it gives you chances to clean each corner of the house easily. Here is a checklist to help select your priorities while cleaning, so that on the day of moving in you can focus on unpacking and make it truly your home.

Tips for Move-in Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Services

The Kitchen

Cleaning a kitchen is a huge task. You need to make sure that the surface is cleaned up evenly and disinfected properly. Cooking for the first time for your family in a clean kitchen is surely a memorable experience.


  • Clean the top of the refrigerator and cabinets

  • Cabinets outside and inside

  • Appliance cleaning

  • Clean walls to remove grease, grime and food stains

  • Wipe garbage disposal and disinfect the sink

  • Do not forget to clean behind your stove and refrigerator

  • Sweep floors

Movein Cleaning

The Bathroom

The dirtiest place of a home is the bathroom, and it is used the most. Therefore, it is essential to clean it properly. Using a good disinfectant cleaner, you should scrub down the bathroom floor with an antibacterial product.

The Checklist:

  • Sanitize the toilet seat

  • Sanitize the shower head

  • Clean up medicine cabinets and mirrors

  • Disinfect faucets and sinks

  • Clean the floor

Floor Cleaning Services

Living Area

The living area also needs a deep cleaning service. Here is a checklist.

  • Clean any fans and light fixtures

  • Clean walls and baseboards

  • Do not forget windows and related accessories

  • Clean up dust from closets

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