Your Quick Checklist for Move out Cleaning

You want to make sure you clean up thoroughly when the time comes to leave your rented apartment or house. This move out cleaning service is a necessary step to avoid such a cleaning mistake that may cost you your security deposit. This is the first step. You can have a list of things your landlord needs. If not, use this cleaning checklist as a starting point.

move out cleaning


  • All cabinets should be cleaned, inside out.

  • Clean all countertops and disinfect them.

  • Clean the sink and the faucet.

  • Scrub the fridge inside and out. Remove shelves and ice maker bucket and, if needed, clean them separately.

  • Clean inside and outside surfaces of the oven. Remove shelves and burners to clean.

  • If necessary, clean stove exhaust fan.

  • Remove and sweep away dust and dirt under all appliances.
move out cleaning service


  • Toilets, shower and sink, including ropes, showers and valves should be cleaned and disinfected.

  • Scrub all the surfaces, tiles, and countertops and disinfect them.

  • Empty all shelves and drawers.

  • Clean your mirror and exhaust fan.


  • Empty all cabinets and racks.

  • Clean the washing machine in and out. Consider using a cleaning product for the washing machine.

  • Clean the dryer. Clean the vent when accessible and empty the lint filter.

  • Sweep up dust and lint on the floor.

Other Rooms

  • Every trash bag and bin should be removed.

  • Empty all closets, including drawer and shelf liners. Clean rods and shelving.

  • Remove or clean all window curtains or blinds.

  • Assure all windows are wiped off.

  • Doors, windows, and baseboards are to be wiped off.

  • Make sure all fans and ceiling fixtures are cleaned up. If required, replace bulbs. Clean outlet covers doorknobs, and all light switches.

  • Remove stains and vacuum rugs or carpet. Hire a professional move out cleaning service for thorough cleaning.

  • Wipe grills for air vacuum supply and return. If they’re dirty, replace filters.

  • Mop and sweep all hardwood floors.

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