A Scientific Explanation of Why We Should Clean Our Homes Regularly

The weekends sound fun, but when cleaning is added to it, the excitement vanishes in a moment. Cleaning your entire house is often too tedious to handle. But it is mandatory for healthy living. Cleaning does not allude to simply mopping or dusting; it refers to deep cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, curtains, carpet, floor and everything else. You can call professionals who perform house cleaning in OKC, but before doing so, read on to learn how often each area should be cleaned.

Why should we clean our household items after a regular interval of time? Even if you keep your house well organized, deep cleaning is required to keep bacteria and germs away. A recent study has shown that a bathtub can contain more bacteria than a garbage bin if it is not cleaned regularly. Similarly, the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator, kitchen counter, mattress and curtains can house tons of bacteria.

Below are a few estimates of how often you should clean different areas of your home so that you can give your home the maximum protection from bacterial invasion.

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This is the place where the most bacteria can grow. Therefore, it needs your attention most. One outcome of an uncleaned bathroom is the skin infection. Surprisingly, the bathtub holds more germs than any other place, as mentioned above. We clean the garbage bin more often than the bathtub, but this is an unhealthy practice. Your bathtub needs to be cleaned at least once a week.

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Researchers say that the salad drawers contain 750 times the safe level of bacteria. Therefore, the refrigerator needs to be cleaned at least once a month. Don’t procrastinate on it if you want a safe home to live in. You can hire a professional house cleaning service to perform the job on your behalf.

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Conventional wisdom says that heating food in a microwave effectively kills bacteria. Unfortunately, this might not be true. You should therefore wipe down your microwave with disinfectant at least once a week. And make sure to go for deep cleaning with professional house cleaning twice a month to keep it safe for cooking.

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Bed Linens

The bed linens are safer than the other items mentioned above, as it is mainly dust that covers bed linens. You should wash these once a week, but you can do it more frequently if you prefer. Rearranging your bed covers and pillows regularly will do to make you safe from being exposed to dust mites while sleeping.

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Computer and Keyboard

Leading a busy lifestyle, we hardly get time to have our meals separately. We all eat at our desks often, and that is the reason for the bacterial invasion in this area. Apart from dust, which can be wiped off, your computer and the associated things like the keyboard, mouse and CPU need to be cleaned every week.

If you do an online search, you will likely find several businesses offering professional house cleaning in OKC. But the one you choose needs to be efficient in controlling bacteria. The proper use of eco-friendly cleaners and the process of cleaning sensitive things like carpet, kitchen appliances and electronics should be something they are skillfully aware of. You can hire the services of Home Maid Better, a professional house cleaning company in OKC that has earned excellent feedback from many customers.