How to Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean: A Few Essential Tips

Do you want to live in a cluttered home? Clothes, books, papers, empty food containers and everything else scattered here and there give a disgraceful impression to people entering your home. Grime in the bathroom, mold growth in the sink, leftover food left out in the kitchen and dust-covered bed linens are enough to make you fall ill. A disorganized house also increases the chances of accidents. As a resident of the house, you should be engaged in regular house cleaning, at least during the weekends. You can do this much for your beloved home.

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If you are not good at cleaning, find deep cleaning to be a huge task or simply cannot make time in your tight schedule, sign a house cleaning contract with Home Maid Better. We specialize in residential cleaning and have a few tips to offer you to keep your home spick and span:

  • Keep the tools handy: Calling a house cleaning maid service is a matter of picking up the phone if you don’t have the energy or time to deep clean on your own. But at least you can keep tools such as a duster and mop handy. Even just wiping down your counters or table can be helpful. Often, we need to clean carpets or sofa covers (in case someone spilled tea on it) to remove stains. Keeping a vacuum handy will make quick cleanups easier in case of dry spills or accumulated pet hair.
  • Different products for different places: You should not use the same cleaners for all purposes. For example, cleaners for kitchen grease and bed linens would not be the same. Similarly, the product you use for floor cleaner might not be able to disinfect your bathroom.
  • Gloves and microfiber cloths: Rubber gloves are an essential item without which icky cleaning will be difficult. It also protects your hands from harsh effects of chemical cleaners. Microfiber cloths are helpful for dusting multiple surfaces.
  • Bathroom and plumbing fixtures: While cleaning, don’t forget the bathroom and plumbing fixtures. If you put them off, you will likely forget to clean them. Use the proper products according to the types of surfaces in your bathroom.
  • Start with the worst place: You should start by cleaning the dirtiest part of your home. For example, it is often best to start with the kitchen or the bathroom.
  • Pick up clutter: Maintain a regular habit of keeping clutter in a specific a place. For example, depending on the type of items, place different bins in a specific corner. It will also help the house cleaning maid service clear up the mess.
  • The cleaning path: If you have a house cleaning contract and observe the professional cleaners’ work, you can see that they follow a specific path for cleaning. For example, they start from the top, or the ceiling, then the other parts of the room and finally the floor.
  • Be safe: When cleaning your home or hiring a maid service, keep pets, children and elderly family members safe from harsh chemicals and slippery floors.

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You can set a goal for yourself and try to keep everything in its place. The more organized you are, the less messy your home will be. You can sign a contract with Home Maid Better to have an expert maid service deep clean your home. We offer multiple options to fix a cleaning schedule according to your routine.