Move Out Cleaning – Do’s and Don’ts

Move out cleaning is an essential part if you are a responsible citizen and resident. Moving out from a house is painful but you need to clean the house for the next resident. Not only this is a nice gesture but also this is imperative. If you want your security deposit back from the landlord, you need to clean the home. Hire a move out cleaning service but there are some dos and don’ts so that you can help them prioritize the areas.

appliances cleaning

Do: Clean All Appliances

Clean all appliances including microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher etc. should be cleaned because your landlord will inspect these first. You need to scrub away all dirt and grime away and make everything sparkling. Apart from that, take care of other appliances such as telephone head.

Don’t: Leave Pot and Pans

Do not leave anything that may seem clutter to the next tenants of the house. Ask your professional house cleaning to make a list of everything and you can sell all those items like pots, kettles, beds etc. if those are not required anymore or you can donate. But at any cost, don’t leave those knick-knacks to the old home.

move out cleaning service

Do: Clean the Walls

Walls are often forgotten to be cleaned. Walls easily accumulate pollen, smoke, dust and become dirty. Clean the walls from top to bottom, scrub off oils, remove cobwebs from corners and also clean baseboards.

Don’t: Forget keys

Do not forget to leave keys while moving out from the house, otherwise, your landlord or tenants will be in deep trouble. If you are not able to handover it directly, make sure to send it securely.

professional house cleaning - carpet cleaning

Do: Clean Carpets

Your move out cleaning service needs to be an expert on carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a must-do if you do not want to leave any room for complaints. Ask the service provider to clean it completely and make sure that cleaning is done rightly.

Don’t: Do It Yourself

Even if you live in a small apartment, it will be utter foolishness to clean everything on your own. A professional service is always the first choice for move out cleaning for obvious reasons.

Finally, to prove your hard work, take pictures of the house. This cleaning process is quite stressful and tiresome but you cannot avoid it. To do everything seamlessly, contact Home Maid better to get a better service.