Spring Cleaning Can Help You More Than You Ever Know

New Year’s was months ago, and if you are like most before January is over, your resolutions have been chucked out of the window. However, be aware that a fresh start will be offered by spring. Moreover, what is a better way than a major cleaning of your living space to get into that spirit of rejuvenation?

While Spring is known as the time of year when people are engaged in vigorous home cleaning, sometimes without knowing it, it’s also a time where people are healthier at home. Spring cleaning is a great way to not only clean your house but improve your overall health and wellness, from decluttering and reorganization to polishing and spring cleaning. See these reasons why we at Home Maid Better believe spring cleaning is an essential task for each homeowner.

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Reduction of Allergy Symptoms

A cleaning can significantly reduce dust, and this helps with Asthma. The Allergy Foundation of America’s range of about 20 million Americans is allergic to dust mites. Please remember to hit such difficult spots as the base and back of furniture as well as any lighting devices, windows, and moldings which are all dust magnets. Plus, when wiping and vacuuming, remove dust and the pollen that can make allergies even worse as well as pet dander.

Stress Reduction

More uncertainty means more stress. Therefore, according to a Health Survey, it should not be surprising that home cleaning can reduce stress by 20%. However, to achieve these effects, you need 20 minutes of activity. With the use of lemon-scented cleaning products, stress can be removed quicker; studies show that pleasant smells reduce stress and makes others feel positive.

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Better Productivity

Spring cleaning is essential as cleaning your home accelerates productivity. A stunning 77% of working Americans surveyed by OfficeMax agreed that uncleanliness damages work productivity. The addition of a clean desk can help you be accountable, but why not start now? The same goes to your home, a clean home is equivalent to a healthier you leading to better productivity and wellness. Hire home and apartment cleaning services in OKC and improve productivity.

Better Cardiac Health

A Swedish study of 15 years with 851 adults showed that the risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases was reduced by 24% by only half an hour of basic activity every day. Even low-intensity activities such as domestic work have cardiac health benefits so that you can take up your vacuum with that in mind.

Better Sleep

Is it not possible to sleep? Do not reach for the sleeping pills before you try to sort your bedroom out. According to the National Sleep Foundation, those who make their beds daily are 19% more likely to sleep consistently. Another study also found that 75% of respondents were more comfortable in sleeping with clean sheets. Who knew that washing had these advantages?

Less Injury

Cleaning up your children’s toys each day will prevent pain from things like the dreaded stepping on a Lego, but not only young families can avoid injuries in a clean house also others can benefit. According to the National Council on Aging, approximately one in four adults 65 and up every year, have upwards of 2.8 million ER visits due to preventable falls. The organization recommends keeping the paths clear to prevent falls so older adults should remove old newspapers and other risks.

As a leading provider of home and apartment cleaning services in OKC, we at Home Maid Better know how hard it can be to prepare your home for spring. However, fortunately, we offer homeowners, like you, a one-time deep home cleaning. Our team of cleaners will do it all from simple tasks such as emptying trash cans and further tasks such as cleaning and sanitation of your kitchen and bathrooms. Get your house cleaning services from us, today.