Housecleaning Tips Before You Sell Your Edmond OK Home

Edmond OK

Edmond OK

The best time to sell your Edmond OK home is in the spring. It’s during this time that buyers are receiving their income tax returns and therefore more capable of managing down payments and other expenses. Furthermore, buying in the spring allows movers to do so in the summer. If you’re getting your home ready for sale, there are some housecleaning tips you should follow to get the most out of your investment.

  1. Remove Clutter

Even the most luxurious homes can appear haphazard when you have unnecessary clutter. This makes the home appear less spacious and inviting, so you should be sure to remove anything you don’t need long before the first showing.

These jobs can be stressful and seemingly impossible depending on the scope of the clutter, and it can help to have the pros come to offer their services. However, if you do decide to tackle it on your own, make sure you break the project down into smaller tasks. This is a psychological trick to make the job seem less daunting, and just a few ways to accomplish this include:

  • Create a list of what all needs to be done
  • Set aside time for each of these smaller tasks
  • Involve the entire family in any way you can
  1. Attention to Detail

Details are crucial when preparing your home for sale. Buyers are going to be picky, and they very well should be. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay close attention to detail. Just a few ways you can accomplish this include:

  • Add your two scents- the olfactory sense is one that really sticks, so add a few scented candles or other products on the market to provide that extra touch.
  • Buy a few bright and cheerful rugs to place at the entryways to catch dirt and make the home more inviting.
  • Hang a few pictures and add another décor to set the tone in the main rooms.
  1. Take On Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew commonly develop in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. If this has occurred in your Edmond OK home, it’s crucial that you address it before you start showing your home as this can be an immediate deal breaker that will send prospective buyers off to other homes in the area to explore. With the publicity of the various health effects of mold in the home, you want to do what you can to address this problem. This includes:

  • Repair any leaks that could be contributing to the issue.
  • Use bleach to remove mildew stains.
  • Replace shower curtain or other fabrics that may have been impacted.

An Investment That Pays Off

The investment made in your Edmond OK home is one that can pay off substantially. In fact, when you properly maintain yours and implement various renovations, you can enjoy a significant return on investment. Spring is a great time to sell yours, and you want to ensure you make the best first impression on potential buyers. These tips can help you achieve just that. For more tips or to reach out for professional help, call us today!

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