Tips for Move-Out Cleaning When Selling Your Home – Part I

Having found a buyer, you are moving out of your current home. For the last few days, you have been running here and there and preparing everything. There are so many things boggling your mind. From taking care of the new property to caring for your family members, everything must be done on time. In the meantime, you have to satisfy the buyer of the previous property.

Most people call professional packers and movers and make everything spill-proof and ready to go. However, they forget to clean the house. This is understandable. Moving out is difficult, and there are a lot of things you need to take care of. Rather than put move-out cleaning on the back burner, you can hire professional maid services in Oklahoma City. For a more do-it-yourself approach to house cleaning in OKC, here are some tips:

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The Kitchen

Use a soft sponge to clean the emptied cabinets and cupboards. You can use simple glass cleaners and antibacterial cleaners for removing germs from the kitchen. Alternatively, soapy water cleans residues and mold easily. Use a scrubber and a solution of lemon juice and salt to clean out debris, or you can buy a bleach-free cleaner. If there are appliances you are leaving behind, move them from their current locations to clean the wall and floor.

Refrigerator: You should remove all food items and leftovers from the fridge and clean the shelves. Let the refrigerator dry, then put half of a lemon or a container of baking soda inside to absorb all bad odors.

Stove and Oven: Remove the shelves and racks from the oven and scrub off all oil, dirt and accumulated grime. Give the oven door special attention and use steel wool to clean it. Pay more attention to the stove surface, including the control panel, the exhaust fan and hood. If possible, wear thick gloves and keep windows opened. Improper ventilation can pose risks to your health due to the degreasing agent.

Dishwasher: Pour baking soda and water into a spray bottle. Now spray the solution on the surfaces of the dishwasher and wipe down using a soft sponge. You can also use natural remedies to disinfect it and to leave it fresh.

The Bedrooms and Living Room

Remove all furniture from the bedrooms and living room. Clean the walls, curtains and windows using mild detergent. For walls, you should carefully choose a cleaner that does not affect the wall color. Wipe out dirt from air conditioners and vents, clean out the fireplace and, if possible, change the furnace filter. Remember to check things like wardrobes, closets, shelves and racks.

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