What You Should NOT do While Performing Home-Cleaning

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Do you hate the home clean-up? No one can blame you. There is not much fun in scrubbing the toilet. Alternatively, to wipe down window grime. You may get a headache while thinking about floor-to-ceiling shelves in your living room whose upper racks have a layer of dust building up since ages ago. In such a condition you may think of hiring housekeeping services.

Being at your service, Home maid Better will never commit these housekeeping faux pas’.

Enter without Knocking

Clients often leave their home providing us the key for easy access and many clients arrange house cleaning when they are not at home. Even when we see an empty driveaway, a quiet apartment, spot the client heading out of the home when we are entering, we still make sure to knock before entering the premises. There could be sick days, emergency in the family or any other private event could occur at any point in time at the client’s house.

Challenging the Client

A housekeeper perhaps knows an effective remedy for cleaning hardwood floors, but the client may insist to use any other way. No matter how good a method is or confident we are about that, the client is always right – it’s their home after all. If a client’s instruction can damage the floor, we discuss it before starting the process.

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Keeping Something Found

Even if any of our clients forgetfully leaves something valuable that we find later during a housekeeping service, we leave it for the client where it’s easy to spot when the client returns home.  

What Clients Should Do

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Give specific directions

Unless you have appointed housekeeping services for a noted cleaning package, give us instructions. If you need special attention to the bathroom, mention it. If you want us to take care of showerheads or baseboards, say this. If you are new to hiring a professional cleaning service, you may not know what you exactly need. Ask us for a consultation.

Keep Pets Away

Your pet may be afraid of seeing us in the home or become aggressive and start running to and fro. Please do not leave it alone on the floor when we are cleaning. If you already know about your pet’s behavior with strangers, it is better to hold it.

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Allot The Proper Amount of Cleaning Time

We do not back down if your home has a heap of dirt. It happens. However, please give us the minimum required time for cleaning your home. Mention the actual state of your home to make time scheduling easier. For our housekeeping services, visit our website to book your date today.